07.03.2018 - Wednesday

Multi-elevators : Optimize capacity, time & energy using DDS

Destination Dispatch System (DDS)

Destination Dispatch is an optimization technique used for multi-elevator installations. By grouping passengers who share similar destinations into the same elevator, destination dispatch systems reduces travel and wait times when compared to traditional elevators. Based on information about the trips that passengers wish to make, the controller will dynamically allocate individuals to elevators to avoid excessive intermediate stops.

The DDS of Cooper Elevators uses advanced technologies like expert system, fuzzy logic, etc. to decide the optimum car movement.


High-privilege users – Allocate the nearest elevator to always guarantee a direct service to their floor.

Extended door-opening – Based on the number of people for a particular floor, the elevator offers extended door opening.

Peak mode operation – Depending upon the time, the elevators are programmed to move automatically to the floor of high traffic for pick-up. For ex: in commercial buildings, the elevators are moved to the ground floor to handle the large incoming traffic.


Overall reduction in trip-times – upto 25%

Overall increase in capacity – upto 30%

Energy saving – fewer halts and door openings, resulting in reduced high-energy operations.

Flexible configurations – Ability to customize the optimization based on individual requirement.

Ideal Customers:

The Cooper elevators with DDS system are ideal for:

Hospitality segment – Privileged user access, access to Banquet floors, recreational facility floors etc.

Commercial Building – Peak mode operations during opening and closing hours, space and capacity optimization, resulting in cost saving and energy saving with optimal trips.