24.04.2018 - Tuesday

Foxy and classy elevators

Why choose external lifts?  What are the challenges and requirements at the site

Crafting an impressive range of see-through elevators or ‘glass elevators’, Cooper Elevators is setting the benchmark for customized lift solutions across India. These elevators are made predominantly from clear polycarbonate with ‘see-through’ panels that give it the look of glass, thereby, giving it the name ‘Glass Elevators’.

Beyond giving a  unique ‘aesthetic touch,’ these glass elevators can be installed where there is not enough space inside, to fix a lift shaft. Due to its flexible architecture, it can be attached or detached easily. For the travelers, it gives a bird’s eye-view of the ground below. Cooper Elevators ensures the materials used in these kinds of ‘glass elevators’ are water resistant and all-weather friendly. At the same time, the users need to shell out the huge maintenance cost to maintain all these factors in a robust condition.

The glass elevators bring style with substance to your home or businesses. Riding in these elevators is a delightful experience for the  users. Enhancing the user experience at all levels with ardently crafted, sturdy and stylish designs, Cooper Elevators gives a gratifying experience to those who enter this ‘moving marvels.’

How cooper  gave the solution and enhanced the ambience, at the same time...

Ever since we started our journey, our elevators are the preferred choice for our clients. While closely interacting with our customers, we found, they don’t just need ‘elevators’ to fill the empty space. They want to smartly use their interiors, as well exterior space, at an affordable cost.  Aided by its techno-craftsmen, Cooper Elevators is known for its expertise for giving ‘situation-specific’ solutions to fit the right kind of ‘glass-elevators.’

These elegantly fitted glass elevators are more than the ‘utility vehicles.’ They are style statements and landscape-enhancing architecture for the project they are a part of.

That is why Cooper Elevators takes extreme care in making these statements loud and clear.