20.09.2018 - Thursday

Cooper Elevators are Fast, Quiet & Sleek

New Buildings:

    Lift Installation:

      * Our high quality & low carbon footprint elevators are suited for all types of buildings, ranging from low rise 

         shophouses to skyscrapers.

      * We offer a variety of innovative passenger elevators to ensure smooth and safe transport of people and 

         goods in new buildings.

Existing Buildings:

    Regular maintenance:

      * Our team are experts in multiple brands and types of elevators and offer servicing solutions tailored to your


      * You can count on us to keep your elevators running smoothly over its lifespan with minimal downtime.

Lift Modernization:

      * Ageing Elevators often do not meet current safety and performance standards, resulting in frequent

         breakdown and repair fees.

      * We provide component upgrades, full replacements and retrofitting of old elevators.

      * Modernizing your elevators extends the lifespan of the building and ultimately result in happier tenants.