14.12.2018 - Friday

Every Second Counts: Choosing the Right Elevator for Healthcare

If you did a web search for hospital elevators, some of the top results are accounts of how a faulty hospital elevators lead to the death of patients or hospital staff.

For Hospitals when lives hang in the balance you can't leave the safety of people hanging in the balance as well. The flow of people in and out of a hospital, and from floor to floor within it, is rapid and unending.

Reliability Is Key: 

Hospitals are areas that require some of the most complex logistical organisation. When so many decisions have to be made at lightning speed, you are only doing yourself a favour by going for equipment that is extremely reliable.

Similarly, the rate of breakdowns in hospital elevators has to be as low of possible. A breakdown not only affects the safety of the people in the elevator, but also the wellbeing of the patients whose doctors and nurses will be stuck in the stalled elevator.

To prevent frequent breakdowns, the elevator has to be designed for its use-case. In needs to be big enough to accommodate a gurney, sturdy enough to handle excessive use (given the number of people who go to hospitals on a daily basis) and frequent damage from gurneys, stretchers, and carts. It also needs to be equipped for use by sight or hearing impaired people, and people who use wheelchairs.

Design Of Safety: 

When it comes to design, even the smallest things must be thought of. Floor levelling has to be perfect, so that gurneys and stretchers aren't jostled when being brought in or taken out. The elevator must also move smoothly and quietly, because in a hospital, more than anywhere else, peace and a lack of disturbance is paramount.

Now it's impossible to think of all these things when you've got the running of an entire hospital on your hands. This is why it makes sense to partner with experts who are skilled at designing elevators for healthcare.

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