26.02.2019 - Tuesday

A Home Lift Vs A Stair Lift: Which Is Better?

When a home has one or more residents who need assistance in moving between floors, the first step that they usually take is to have a stair lift installed. Because homes already come with stairs, and the installation process for stair lifts seems less intrusive, this is usually the more common choice.

A stair lift has a chair connected to a rack that allows it to be cranked up and down the stairway. For connected flights of stairs, a single stair lift is enough. For flights of stairs that do not connect separate stair lifts must be installed.

Home Lifts Are Objective Better

It may not seem like it, but when you crunch the numbers, home lifts are actually in the same price range as stair lifts. Home lifts also cater to a larger variety of residents who have special needs or easy living preferences .

Stair lifts can be left stranded at the wrong floor if someone takes it to a floor and then walks the stairs up or down from it, which leads to delays and complications. They also require to passenger to climb into the chair and strap themselves in, which some user may not be capable of doing on their own.

With a home lift, you just get in and press a button. It’s simpler and faster. It’s also safer than a stair lift, seeing as the construction of a home lift is sturdier, with a lower risk factor.

Home lifts also do not block the stairs, like a stair lift would. They create new avenues for in-home transportation, instead of further complication the one lane of transport that exists.

Especially if it is deemed by a doctor that assistance is required for the home’s resident, when moving between floors, home lifts are just as affordable as well, because insurance would cover for at least some of the cost. Which means that on all factors- safety, versatility, affordability and convenience, the home lift wins. So, instead of installing a stair lift that would only add more complexities to moving around within your home, reach out to elevator experts like Cooper and invest in an in-home elevator !