23.04.2019 - Tuesday

Elevators - One Of The Safest Modes Of Modern Transport

For an average person, a single day can be filled with multiple lift trips. From shopping malls to multi-story office buildings, and even homes, the vast majority of us get on the elevators without having to think twice about our personal safety. In fact, thanks to modern electrical safety mechanisms, elevators are considered one of the safest means of transport and are less risky than taking an escalator or even a flight of stairs. This proves how much elevators have evolved since their origins when they first appeared on the scene as primitive and scary metal containers.



Highly Tensile and Durable Lift Cables, Engineered To Withstand Exceptional Loads

Cables play a crucial role in increasing lift capacity by controlling and reducing the speed of the lift. Each cable is strong enough to support more than the weight of a complete elevator car. Very often, a single elevator is supported by up to eight cables, ensuring that passengers are securely suspended for the duration of their journey. The speed, size and overall height of the elevator tower are all factors that determine the number of cables required for a given elevator car. Our highly durable lifter cables at Cooper Elevators are capable of withstanding all overloads and constraints in a transparent manner, even over long periods of time (such as in the case of transporting/moving of goods, heavy-duty machinery, etc).

Powerful Breaking Technology

Our advanced braking technology is capable of instantly reacting to certain events indicating that there is a problem in the elevator. These include doors that do not open or close, a sudden increase in speed and in the case where the emergency button has been pressed by passengers. In all these situations, our advanced safety system reacts immediately by turning off the engine and activating the brakes. By this same system, any power failure affecting the building as a whole will automatically trigger the lift brake, leaving the car safely suspended.

At Cooper Elevators, we are proud to remain at the forefront of elevator design and performance without compromising safety. Our elevator solutions are engineered to offer phenomenal safety, far more than what current safety standards and regulations require. Feel free to get in touch with us at Cooper Elevators, for more information on our safe and secure elevator solutions, anytime!