06.06.2019 - Thursday

Recent Advancements in Elevator Technology

The tech-world is rapidly advancing and we at Cooper try to keep up with them and advance with the technology. Here are the latest improvements and advancements in the technology that surrounds the world of elevators.

Smart Elevators

With the rise of internet usage, tech companies seek to take this opportunity to share the “smart” connectivity platform with as many people through as many devices as they can and elevators are definitely not going to be excluded.

When a passenger selects a floor, it coordinates with other elevators and attempts to drop the passenger off at a certain floor to reach the desired floor quickly. Some smart elevators even have sensors attached to notify the management about any lack of efficiency or problems within the system. Smart elevators have a predicted growth rate of 12.7% over the next few years.

Virtual Reality Diagnosis

Another interesting innovation called the HoloLens, a leading collaborator with Microsoft, is working on Virtual Reality glasses to change the way mechanics repair elevators. As safety concerns arise, HoloLens has begun working on a special tool that will diagnose and provide a multi-angle perspective of the elevator, so a technician can resolve a given issue in the safest and best possible manner.

Green Elevators

Everyone likes to contribute to reducing carbon footprints in some way or another. The elevator industry is no different and is working on more energy efficient ways to incorporate green elevators. Scientists are working on MRL technology and drive systems to recover and regenerate energy.

Advancement in elevator technologies has made the lives of passengers and technicians easy and safe. We at Cooper Elevators ensure we stay current and add these state-of-the-art concepts to our designs. If you a have specific modernization requirement (or) interested in a new model, contact us today.