What Are Passenger Lifts Typically Used For?

A passenger lift is designed to transport people from one point to another, by vertical means. The modern passenger lift offers a simple means of transportation between all the floors of a building. The capacity of passenger elevators is related to the available area. In general, passenger elevators are available in typical capacities ranging from 4 to 26 passengers and at speeds ranging from 0.5 meters per second to 2.5 meters per second.

What Goes Into The Choosing Of A Passenger Lift?

The choice of the passenger lift usually depends on the type of building, and parameters such as the movement of passenger traffic. The budget involved is also a decisive factor between lifts with manual doors and automatic doors. At Cooper Elevators, we are one of the very few passenger lift manufacturers in India that offers a comprehensive range of commercial elevators, whether you’re looking for automatic doors or manual doors.

Does Cooper Elevators Offer Commerical Lifts?

At Cooper Elevators, we manufacture and supply a wide range of commercial passenger lifts in Chennai and the rest of the country. Our reliable, superior passenger elevators are made from high-quality components and parts. Our products are designed according to the requirements of our customers keeping in mind their convenience and comfort. Our customers value our services and elevator products for our exceptional performance, quality, strength and low maintenance rates. We are recognized as one of the most trusted, passenger lift manufacturers in India and are known for supplying state-of-the-art passenger elevators in Chennai as well as in other parts of the country. We have created unique design features for home or office furnishings, such as access doors designed for wood sinks rather than metal sliding doors typical of most commercial lift manufacturers, these days.

What Set’s Commerical Elevators From Cooper Elevators, Apart From Those Of Other Manufacturers In India?

The fact that we are completely dedicated to satisfying our customers, by offering customization options that allow our customers to choose from a wide variety of aesthetic choices for the interior, floors and false ceilings, sets us apart from all other commercial lift manufacturers.

What Are The Advantages Of Passenger Lifts?

Some of the advantages that the commercial passenger elevators we manufacture at Cooper Elevators offer include -

  • Space Conscious

At Cooper Elevators, we offer customized elevator solutions that take up as little of your precious real estate as possible, while maintaining operational excellence. We guarantee maximum optimization of space through effective and innovative designing.

  • Energy efficiency

The use of variable frequency drives ensures that your elevator consumes as little electricity as possible, bringing you immense savings. Automatic lighting and extinguishing of the lighting, the use of LED lights all help facilitate the saving of a considerable amount of energy.

  • Standardization and Superior Quality

All our commercial elevators are designed in accordance with IS specifications and applicable elevator directives. Our team of skilled engineers is dedicated to making sure that every elevator we manufacture meets the high standards of quality that we impose ourselves.

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