Why It Is Imperative For Hospitals To Have Elevators?

A Hospital elevator, unlike residential and most commercial elevators, is specifically designed to transport patients and other delicate objects from one floor to another. The main function of a hospital lift is to transport patients and other passengers with heavy and complex instruments that are difficult to transport manually. At Cooper Elevator, we manufacture and supply both hydraulic lifts and traction hospital lifts in Chennai and other parts of the country, to help facilitate seamless vertical transport in hospitals all over the nation.

Are Hydraulic Elevators Or Traction Elevators Best For A Hospital?

That depends on the hospital’s needs. While hydraulic and traction lifts have their own advantages and disadvantages. Although hydraulic elevators are not as fast as traction elevators, they require less space for installation and are suitable for higher loads. Traction elevators, on the other hand, are faster and better for high-rise hospitals but are not suitable for very heavy loads.

How To Choose The Best Hospital Lifts?

One of the most important things to consider when picking out a lift for a hospital is to ensure that the hospital elevator runs smoothly and doesn’t jerk too much so that patients on wheelchairs or on stretchers aren’t put to discomfort. A hospital elevator must be large enough to easily carry a stretcher and multiple passengers, such as nurses, doctors, and other patients. Cooper Elevators, is one of the most unique hospital lift manufacturers in India as we offer both automatic door and manual door elevators that can also be customized to stop and open on each floor, without the need for any human intervention. At the same time, hospital elevators should have a user-friendly control system that can be easily used by the population. Our hospital lifts in Chennai and other parts of the country are available in different lifting capacities and at different speeds.

Does Cooper Elevators Manufacture Hospital Lifts?

At Cooper Elevators, we offer high-end hospital elevators specially designed and engineered to meet established international standards for space, flexibility, speed and emergency control mechanisms for hospital elevators. All the specifications of our state-of-the-art hospital elevators meet the standards set by the Indian Bureau of Standardization for Hospital Elevators. We ensure that every hospital elevator that we manufacture is spacious enough to allow at least one stretcher to roll in comfortably, is easy to clean, disinfect, sanitize, and can also be used by multiple passengers in the event of an emergency. We are one of the most renowned and well-recognized hospital lift manufacturers in India.

What Makes Us One Of The Most Reputable Hospital Elevator Manufacturers?

The hospital elevators we manufacture are highly reliable and feature numerous, advanced safety features that are simply unavailable in the market today. In the event of a power failure, our elevators are designed to stop at the nearest landing surface so that no one is trapped inside the elevator in such a dire situation. Cooper Elevators is capable of availing all the hospital elevator requirements of our clients. No matter how complex your needs are, our team of specialist elevator engineers is guaranteed to help you achieve them.

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